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Technology Suggestions 

Below are some suggestions if you are looking for technology for your classroom.  These are ones that we have tried and would recommend, as well as, ones that were suggested to us as inexpensive options. 

Cameras - Video/Still

Document Cameras

Memory - External Hard drive

If you are using videos or cameras to demonstrate student mastery for portfolios, there are more choices than ever.  These are a few that provide both, as well as, protection from accidental drops. 

Document cameras work great to give all students a better view of a model, student work, manipulatives, or closer look at pictures from books.  Some document cameras also work with web based grading websites like 

Instead of carrying around all of those flash drives, a slightly larger external hard drive will hold even more.  The ones below are built tough.  These are all considered military grade. The hold up to 500 GB but there are others that will hold double for about $20-30 more. 

Presentation Remote



These are great to have a little more freedom around your room.  They are pretty much plug and use with power points. 

Finding a good projector for your classroom can be a challenge.  These all work well at much lower prices. Just make sure that they will work with your devices. 

I am not including the Apple iPad because everyone knows the quality of this device, not to mention the price.  These are some alternatives that will provide you and your students with online access, as well as, great apps. Try comparing various tablets to see what the differences are in each.  

Whiteboards - Interactive

Interactive Whiteboards can be very expensive.  These work well, especially if you are keeping them in the same place. You don't need a special board just a wall or a regular whiteboard.  You have to re-calibrate each time you use if you move them around but it isn't hard with the instructions and the price far less than the larger whiteboards that come with a board.