The Curriculum Divas

Innovative planning for teachers

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a virtually enhanced view of the real world; using everything from flashcards, coloring pages, to excerpts from books and pictures.  Some of the apps are only available for  iPad or Android.  Some are free and others do cost.  For more information click on any of the links below to take you to more information. 


AR Flash Cards

Our Discovery Island: Phonic Tricksters

This app works great for toddlers and Kindergarten students that are learning their alphabet.  Print the cards in color and then use your device to see and animal.  Touch the animal that matches the letter and it will say the letter and animal.  

Currently iphone devices only, this app reviews sounds and keeps kids on their toes to catch letter sounds. 

English Language Arts

ZooBurst - Story Writing


This allows anyone to create a popup storybook with pictures and sounds. 

This provides multiple forms that can be used for writing. 


Fetch! Lunch Rush!

Math Alive

This app is from PBS and provides students with fun basic math problems.

This app provides number sense, measurement, patterns, and geometry for around $29.99. 


Social Studies



This is great to teach your students latitude and longitude. 

Do you want to help your students create projects to show what they learned but then don't have room to display them.  This allows you to create them and then tag the video or information to a picture.  


Science AR App

Life of a Monarch Butterfly

Lego Connect

You have access to various posters that come alive and show the water cycle and other science related scenes. 

This provides lessons and pages for each student to learn and write about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. 

View 3D models through lego sites and pages. 


Amazing Space Journey

Star Walk

Anatomy 4D

3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers. Download Augmented Reality Board:

See exactly the stars above you and then search for more information about the stars above you and more.  

This app shows students all of the various functions of the body in a 4D view. 


AR Dinosaur Park

MagicPlan CSI

This allows you to add dinosaurs all around you. 

Create a crime scene for your students to get involved and solve. 


World Lens - Translation



Instantly translate any text just by hovering over it. Currently Apple only. 

Use this app to help show information all around you.  If you are traveling and not sure about a building or a want info about a picture, currency, etc. hold up your device and it automatically shows information in 3D. 

Create your own augmented items here. 



ColAR Mix - Coloring pages


Use this app to see the world around you in 3D. 

You can print these pages, have your students color at school or at home. Then using the app they can see the image come to life.  You can then have them write a story about what is going on to incorporate writing. 

Now you can create our own AR all around you for free.  



Interact with the print around you.  View their site to find out more information.